Recording today's events into lasting memories.
VidToday • 219.440.2040 is a Chicago-based video studio specializing in weddings, events and life stories worldwide. We create cinema-style digital films to capture, celebrate and preserve life's most amazing moments. We make memories larger than life so you'll never forget your special day.

My experience as a Videographer

I'm a creative person at heart. That is why I decided to go to school for Art. My career has taken into the printing industry, then into web design and into teaching. As a teacher I educated myself to use the camera and to edit video. I eventually taught photography and film. And, now gives me to the chance to create documentaries of your wedding. I'm truly grateful for where my career had taken me and the opportunity to record your special day in a creative way!

Aerial Videography

VidToday is all about telling the story of your wedding day, and we believe that aerial filming, if used correctly can add to your wedding film. Aerial filming produces some very dramatic and cinematic shots which can really add to your wedding videography package. Drone shots are ideal if you have a stunning venue, like a manor house, barn venue or beach wedding. We can capture establishing drone shots of your wedding venue, use the drone to film you both together during portraits or even follow your wedding car are you cruise away from your wedding ceremony. The possibilities are endless and we love getting creative with aerial wedding filming. The way we work on your wedding day is very unobtrusive, we wont fly our drone over the guests at the reception. Instead we’ll plan our shots before hand and use the drone as a fantastic filming making tool to take your wedding film to the next level. For more information about adding aerial drone filming to your film collection, feel free to drop us an email. Take a look at the video below of our favorite aerial drone shots of the year.

Professional • Reasonable • Affordable

Check out my Packages page! My standand pricing is reasonable and affordable. Let's discuss your specific needs and I'll work up a quote. Thanks for sharing your event with me!